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Timothy Edwards Middle School is a grade 6-8 school with nearly 1,100 students and more than 100 faculty and staff. The school is a place where children are inspired to grow and learn in a caring atmosphere of respect, 探索, and discovery. School staff recognize and appreciate the special needs and uniqueness of adolescents and are committed to their academic and personal growth. We believe that our charge as educators is to:

  • offer intellectual challenge in both a disciplinary and interdisciplinary setting which provides all students opportunities to read, 写, use technology, work collaboratively and apply learning to real-life problems and situations;
  • address the needs of each student as an individual in order to maximize their potential as a learner;
  • foster in each child a sense of belonging and an appreciation for self and others by creating small communities for learning through teaming; and
  • provide opportunities to learn and explore what it means to be a contributing citizen of the world.

Everyone at Timothy Edwards Middle School is committed to these goals. Our educational climate is fostered by a supportive, collegial environment. This results in an atmosphere of reflection and discussion where learning is enjoyed, knowledge is gained and applied, life-long learning is modeled, and interpersonal skills are developed.

Timothy Edwards Middle School
100 Arnold Way
South Windsor, CT 06074
电话: (860) 648-5030
传真: (860) 648-5029
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Paul Cavaliere
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